Image "6" Dance Mirrors & Barres

Why is it so important to have dance studio mirrors?

From a dancers point of view, there are a number of positive reasons why having dance mirrors fitted in their dance studio is important.  The mirror provides dancers with immediate visual feedback and is helpful in self-correction. It allows them to evaluate the height, shape, and line of their movement, and to adjust their placement.

The dancers see themselves in the mirror as the audience would see them.  Dance mirrors also help with positioning and placement in formation when dancing in a group.   Many dancers feel that the mirror is crucial for their success and serves as an important tool for technique training.

Image "18" Dance Mirrors & Barres

Dance Studio Mirror Specification

The following is an excerpt from a Dance Studio Specification taken from a guide published by the National Dance Teachers Association.

Regardless of where your studio is, how many students you have, and what types of dance you teach, you need top-notch dance studio mirrors before opening your doors to the public. When choosing a mirror for your dance studio, remember that this important item should be of high quality for a few different reasons:

  • Safety: A mirror that can shatter is a hazard to every person who enters the room. Ensure that the mirror will stay intact even if it suffers a blow.
  • Genuine reflection: Because mirrors are an important learning and teaching tool, the reflected image should be undistorted and clear. Steer clear of acrylic mirrors, whose reflections are not of a high enough quality for dancers’ fine art.
  • Ease of installation: Consider the type of mount you want for your barres and make sure that the mirrors you choose can have barre mounts integrated if you want barres on the wall of the studio where the mirror will be.

Purchase your dance studio mirrors from a specialized company, either in mirrors or in dance studio equipment. If the option is available, it’s convenient and easy if the manufacturer or distributor installs the mirrors for you as well, usually guaranteeing that the mirrors are installed properly.


Our range of Image Mirrors and Barres match this specification perfectly! Here’s why:

  • Safety:  Our Image “18” Dance Mirrors are constructed with a unique cross linked Class “A” Safety backing that if broken will not shatter. The glass will break cleanly with no shards or slivers and remain intact.  They are manufactured with an impact absorbing cushioner to help guard against breakages.
  • Genuine reflection:Due to our Image “18” dance mirrors being fixed using polished aluminium “J” carriers, with the addition of mirror adhesive and no unightly screw fixings, the image is clear and undistorted.  They have a uniform visual quality unobtainable by traditional mirror fixing techniques.
  • Ease of installation: Our Image Dance Mirrors have the option to include a ballet barre if desired.  The barre is incorporated into the mirror design and includes a coordinating backing board on which the barre is fixed.  As all our dance mirrors and barres made to bespoke requirements, the barres can be fixed at any height to suit individual needs.


We offer a bespoke mirror installation service carried out by our own highly experienced fitting team for peace of mind that the mirrors are safely and correctly installed.  All our mirror installers are fully trained and carry all the appropriate qualifications and certificates to fit specialist mirrors in many different locations.

Every member of our mirror installation team hold relevant CSCS cards and SSSTS cards where appropriate. Glass Installations hold a current SSIP accreditation certificate (CHAS) to comply with up to date health and safety requirements.

For more information on our bespoke dance mirror and ballet barre installation services, contact us on 01782 317620 or use the contact us page.