Bespoke Mirrors for Children’s Therapy Team

We are frequently asked to manufacture bespoke mirrors for all kinds of applications.  This time, we were asked if we could produce one of our Featherweight Portable Mirrors, but on a smaller scale. Our sales team were contacted by Rosemary Hart, from the White Lodge Centre in Chertsey.  Rosemary asked if we could make a small Featherweight Portable Mirror especially for use by children under 5.  ‪Bespoke Mirrors - White Lodge Centre


The White Lodge Centre offers therapy for babies and children up to the aged of 5, with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy or similar neurological conditions with motor disabilities. Children receive a combination of Occupational, Speech & Language and Physiotherapy at the Centre, depending on their particular difficulties, to enable each child to develop the skills they need to participate in their daily lives.

Reduced Size Featherweight Portable Mirror

Many of our customers choose our Portable Featherweight Mirrors due to their flexibility of use and lightweight properties.  This glassless design ensures a safe, practical mirror without compromising on reflection quality.  We manufactured a smaller version of our standard size, just right for smaller children.   The staff and children from the White Lodge Centre were thrilled with their new mini mirror! Rosemary sent us this lovely photo of the mirror being used by one of their youngsters!


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