Contractors, John Turner Construction, asked us to supply and install our Image 18 High Impact Gym Mirrors & Barres. Located at the new sports complex at the new Hope University gym and sports complex, Hope Park Sports.

Hope University has undergone a major £5.5m redevelopment, including a brand new sports complex and gym.  The gym is based within the Faculty of Sciences and Social Sciences.  The facilities include squash courts, changing facilities, a viewing gallery. It also boasts fabulous new gym and fitness studios, strength and conditioning suites and a new cafe.   It offers affordable membership open to both students and staff.

Hope University Gym Mirrors & Barres

Hope University Gym – Image 18 Mirrors & Barres

Our installers fitted our top of the range gym mirrors and barres into the Multi-Purpose Studio.  Our bespoke Image 18 Mirror and Barre system offers a flexible, stylish and safe installation, with a high quality image reflection.  At a total length of 14m and 2m tall, the end result was an impressive run of mirrors and single tier barres.  Therefore, offering a flexible and workable space in which students and staff can train and rehearse, whatever their sport.

Visual Quality

By using our bespoke aluminium trim, our installers are able to align the mirrors so that the whole reflective area can be used, including the joints!  Due to our installers accurately setting out our aluminium trim before inserting the mirrors, we have a straight and true datum giving continuity over mirrors joints.  We also have a small tolerance built into our system which allows our installers to make those final adjustments.   Consequently, this sets our products apart from those of our competitors.


All of our installations include the application of Class A cross-linked acrylic safety backing. Should a breakage occur, the mirror is held intact and the danger of injury from falling glass is removed.  The Image 18 Mirror system incorporates an impact absorption cushion. As a result, this helps to guard against breakages should there be an accidental collision with the mirrors.  This is a perfect solution for use in multi-use areas.

Integrated Ballet Barres

Our specialist Image Ballet Barres can be integrated within the Image 18 Mirror Systems.  The ballet barres are manufactured using a high quality beech barre, which is finished with a hard wearing lacquer for protection. Finally, the barre is fixed onto a beech backing board with purpose made polished stainless steel brackets.


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