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Our range of Portable Ballet Barres and Portable Mirrors are once again proving popular throughout the Christmas season.

Portable Ballet Barres

Portable barres are an essential piece of equipment for any dancer.   More recently, barres are being used for work out routines and Pilates classes.  In some cases, it is not always possible to have wall fixed barres, this is where our portable ballet barres are the perfect alternative!

Our Portable Barre combination offers a flexible system, which can be assembled using the various components to produce a range suited to individual requirements.

The standard single tier portable barre, comprises of a 2m long, high quality, 50mm diameter beech barre.  It can be easily height adjusted to suit either junior or senior height.    Extension kits are available, creating a continuous run of barres on which to train and exercise.

These are the perfect partner to our portable mirrors! For more information on our range of portable mirrors and barres, see our dedicated page or contact our sales team on 01782 3179620.