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Polycarbonate Mirrors

Acrylic Mirrors

Acrylic safety mirrors, are intended primarily for applications such as interior fittings for decoration, point-of-sale or visual merchandising, where a “mirror effect” is required, but the quality of reflection is not overly important. Acrylic mirrors are light-weight and shatter resistant, which is ideal for this type of application – however, due to their inherent flexibility,  they do tend to give a distorted reflection if they are too large,

Other successful applications for acrylic mirrors include use as garden mirrors, cake stands, horse box mirrors and mirrors for stables.

Our acrylic safety mirrors are of the highest commercial quality available and offer impact strength of around 17 times greater than that of glass in equal sheet thickness, and are manufactured with the industry’s toughest protective back-coating – which helps to protect the acrylic mirror against scratching during normal use.

Please note: Acrylic mirror sheet does not have the rigidity of glass and is not sold as a direct replacement for applications where glass mirror may be more suitable. During normal use, some visual distortion may occur – such distortion may be exaggerated when using large pieces

Polycarbonate Mirrors

As distributors of Axgard®-MSR polycarbonate mirrors, Glass Installations combine our professional fitting skills with a product that meets the highest quality and safety specifications, required for the most demanding of installations.

Combining unbreakable polymer resilience with a specially formulated, tough, UV protected, scratch-resistant coating, it holds the key to success for many projects globally.

Very much at home in highly destructive and impact-prone environments, the core strength of Axgard-MSR® lies at the heart of its success, and has the added benefit of tough abrasion resistance and anti-graffiti properties.

Fixing is simple. Axgard-MSR® can be bonded to any flat substrate or mechanically secured. In demanding, high security applications, a combination of both provides an extra safeguard.

Axgard®-MSR mirrors can be provided with pre-drilled holes and various options of anti-ligature edge finishing and radius corners.


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Anti-graffiti properties
  • Excellent Class 1/0 fire rating
  • Superior clarity
  • UV resistant – suitable for internal and external use
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Anti-ligature options available
  • Can be bonded for hidden fixing

Stainless Steel Mirrors

Stainless Steel mirrors are built to withstand the toughest of environments, whether domestic, commercial or institutional and are suitable for a wide variety of applications where the mirror may be subject to abuse or vandalism.

This mirror is manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant 304 grade stainless steel.

Some of the many advantages of using stainless steel mirrors lie in its resilient properties and convenient installation options:

  • Easy to clean and stain resistant
  • Long service life
  • Available in sizes up to 1000mm x 2000mm
  • Normal fixings, adhesive or screws

All non-glass mirrors comply with national Health and Safety legislation and are lightweight.

If your environment requires a non-glass installation call 01782 317620 for more information.

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