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Image 18 High Impact Safety Mirrors
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Advantages of our Image 18 mirrors:

  • Secret fix gym mirrors – No unsightly screws
  • Proven impact resistance – meets British standards
  • Overcomes uneven wall quality –  Can be installed directly onto fair-faced block work or brick walls.
  • High quality continuous reflective image
  • Available with aluminium or timber framing

High Impact Gym Mirrors

Image 18 High Impact Mirrors are the ideal gym mirrors for your fitness suite, where the risk of damage can be high.  A combination of an impact absorbing cushion and a unique mechanical fixing method, provide a safe and stylish mirror system, with a perfect image reflection.

High quality gym mirrors are an essential piece of equipment within a fitness centre, a true image reflection is important to ensure you have a good body posture and alignment when you are training.  A proper form is essential when training and being able to check your position in your gym mirror is vital to your progress.

Our high impact gym mirrors are manufactured and installed using an aluminium J fixing technique. The aluminium trim is fitted to provide a straight and true datum giving image continuity over the mirror joints. We have a tolerance built into our system which allows our installers to make those final fine adjustments that set our products apart. As a result, you are free to set up your equipment, knowing that wherever you are in the studio, you have a clear and true reflection.

Integrated Checker Plate Protection

Checker plate protection is an optional addition for you to consider. Aluminium checker plate protection can be integrated into the installation of the your mirrors. Especially popular in free weights areas, where the risk of breakages is increased, aluminium checker plate is fixed to the bottom section of the wall, below your gym mirrors, and prevents damage caused by weights being dropped and rolling into the wall.

We are market leaders in the installation of leisure centre and gym mirrors and as such we are determined to supply and install the very best product for your project.  In an industry that’s demanding, challenging and constantly moving, you need your fitness and leisure equipment to stand out.  By specializing in bespoke gym and fitness mirror systems, our experienced teams can provide a complete service from idea conception through to installation, always working closely with you to achieve the very best in fitness and gym mirrors.

For you and your customers, safety is paramount while still maintaining high aesthetic standards. Our High Impact Safety Mirror systems combine an attractive, versatile design with proven safety features, in addition to outstanding flexibility and reliability.