Do you ever look at the walls in your dance room and think ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some mirrors there?’ but then are thrown the hurdle of the walls having cable trunking, panelling or other obstacles?

Look no further than Glass Installations to help overcome the obstacles and the stress of figuring out the solution.

Earlier this month we had an enquiry from a client who was running a dance class upstairs in her local village hall. She wanted to mirror the wall but the wall had tongue and groove boarding along the bottom, not only that, it was a rented room so there had to be minimal renovation if the mirrors were to be removed.

Our surveyor met with the client to discuss the options and came up with the solution that we would stud out the top of the wall with timber batons which gave us a surface that flies over the lower timber.

We then installed ply board over this newly fitted timber frame to give a smooth surface that the trims and mirrors could be installed too.

Once all of this preparation work has been done, this is where we can install our Image 6 Mirrors System. Here’s our Image 6 frame installed to the wood work prior to the mirrors being installed.

And this is the finished product! The client was over the moon with the installation and as you can see, it really finishes off the room.

When we initially got the enquiry the constraints seemed as though we were not going to be able to achieve a quality and safe installation. When we sit back and look at all of the issues separately, our solutions come clear and all works out well for both us and the client.

If you are looking for mirrors for your studio and have obstacles in the way, contact us on 01782 317620 and we can discuss the options.

We do love a challenge!