We were recently contacted by a customer in West Dorset who had a garden studio that they wanted to use as an aerobics studio.

As it was a prefabricated building there were limitations as to where we could install the mirrors as the walls were, in places, proboard which meant they wouldn’t hold too much weight.

We surveyed the building and located the thick CLS studding where we could gain a very secure fixing.

To throw another hurdle in to the installation, the customer also required the mirrors to be removable. The customer wanted to be able to remove the mirrors just in case in the future they were to move properties. The garden room was fully portable so they would be able to take the building with them too.

We used our split baton fixed method that we have used on previous installations which would allow for easy removal.

The customer was extremely happy with the installation and had this to say about her experience using Glass Installations.

“I was delighted that Glass Installations were prepared to quote and install my mirrors for my home gym; I feared that they would only cover large commercial installations. From the expertise shown on their website I was sure they would give me the best advice and the best finish for my particular circumstances (also needing them to be removable in the future). Their pricing was competitive with others, they were courteous and kept me fully informed at all times and I am delighted with the the very professional looking outcome. I am sure I could not have got as good a finished  product from another company.”

The customer is just adding the finishing touches to the room, once completed we will share some photos of this project.

If you have any mirror enquiries, get in touch with the team on 01782 317620.