Here at Glass Installations, we’re often asked if we must carry out a survey since we are “Just putting mirrors up”, and – unless we have a main contractor site contact we have worked with before who are experienced with our mirror installations – our answer is always a resounding YES!

We can overcome many obstructions when it comes to installing mirrors by packing out our trim to give a flat plane for the mirrors, to give the best possible continuous reflection. However, there are often things like plug sockets, alarm sounders, light switches in the mirror area which can cause issues, delays and also cost money! If we can carry out our surveys, we can allow for these obstructions.

Recently we had a client asked for a 9.5m x 2.4m run of mirrors, which was all very straightforward until we arrived for survey.

We found that they had new flooring laid between the point of quoting and carrying out our survey, which reduced the available height to 2.2m from the original 2.4m and there was a blockwork column in the centre of the wall which wasn’t taken in to account.

The client wanted a full uninterrupted run of mirrors, so we agreed to stud the wall out either side of the column, finish that with MDF level with the column and then fit the mirrors to that. The client is happy with the finished product and it was all good in the end.

Start of the stud work
MDF finish
The complete installation

If we hadn’t completed the survey, we would have travelled 300 miles to find these issues, had to rework everything and probably would have had to do a return trip. It’s always best to check first, no matter how straightforward a job sounds.

If you are not sure if you are able to have mirrors installed to due obstacles, please contact us on 01782 317620 or where our team will be able to help you.