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Public events demand the highest standards of safety, versatility and quality for the well-being and security of everyone attending! With venues that vary in size, accessibility and situation, you’ll need a convenient and flexible mirror solution to the many challenges you’ll face.

Our featherweight mirrors are light and adaptable whilst our glassless products, ranging from shatter-resistant acrylic mirrors to virtually unbreakable polycarbonate substrates and stainless steel, can be used in a multitude of applications.

Tailor Made Mirrors to Enhance Your Event or Exhibition

From fashion shows to music festivals, art exhibitions to new product launch events, spectacular results can be achieved using our bespoke mirrors.  Your design ideas can become reality due to our dedicated sales and installation team.

Our unique Featherweight Foil Mirrors can be manufactured to suit a range of different applications.  Due to their lightweight qualities, they are extremely popular as overhead and ceiling mirrors, perfect for suspending overhead to produce some mind-blowing effects.  Our manufacturing process allows production of single panels up to 2m in width and up to 8m in length!

Glass mirrors can also be used to create some amazing effects.  Made to suit individual specifications, both our sales and manufacturing teams work closely with customers to produce the perfect mirror system.

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Have a design or idea in mind? Don’t worry if your designs or proposals are a little off-the-wall, we welcome creativity!  There are no restrictions or limitations to styles or sizes, shapes or construction. Your design challenges are welcomed.

Our experienced mirror specialists are here to help.

Contact us on 01782 317620 or via the contact us form.