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Mirror & Ballet Barre Installation - Image 18

Wall Mounted Ballet Barres 

AdvantagesDouble Tier Ballet Barre Image 18

  • Available in single or double tier versions
  • Stand alone or integrated into our Image mirror system
  • Professional standard lacquered Beech ballet barre as standard
  • Matching backing board to complete the installation
  • Oak and Maple plus various colour options available
  • Polished stainless steel or powder coated steel bracket options

Our Ballet Barres are designed to integrate seamlessly with our Image mirror system, or to be installed as a stand alone product. In either scenario our ballet barres are perfect for any dance studio, gym / fitness suite, or home gym.

Wall mounted ballet barres are manufactured using a high quality beech barre, superbly finished with a hard wearing protective lacquer coating which highlights the beautiful grain and protect the barres. The barre is securely fixed to beech backing board with purpose made steel brackets which are available as either polished stainless steel or with a powder coated finish.

The options of single tier or double tier barres are available, enabling classes for senior and junior students without having to change or duplicate equipment.

Alternative timbers, such as Oak and Maple, are available on request and the timber can be stained to match individual colour schemes where required.

Floor Mounted Ballet Barres 

Floor Fixed Ballet Barre

  • Enable installation where wall mounted ballet barres are not an option.
  • In house manufacturing to meet your requirements.
  • Selection of colours.
  • Single or double barre options.
  • Professional standard lacquered Beech ballet barre as standard.
  • Oak and Maple options available.

Floor mounded barres installations give you the flexibility for when wall fixed barres are not an option.

If you have a standard stud (plaster board) wall it is not always possible to obtain a fixing for wall mounted brackets that will be able to absorb the stresses produced during use.  In these circumstances we recommend our floor fixed ballet barres. Our floor mounted systems are installed using powder coated steel brackets which are securely fixed to the floor in your studio. and include our professional standard beech ballet barre.

The barres are manufactured in house to suit your requirements, with options for either single or double tier barre and are also available in any colour to match your studio.

The ballet barres can also be manufactured from Oak or Maple and can be stained in a variety of colours.

Image R Removable Ballet Barres Removable Ballet Barre

  • Image R Ballet Barres use a unique socket fixing system for rapid installation and removal
  • Barres can be quickly removed and stored away when not in use
  • Flush sockets sit neatly in-line with the mirror installation
  • Ideal for multi-function studios
  • Professional standard Beech Ballet barre as standard
  • Matching backing board to complete the installation

The latest addition to our range of ballet barre systems.  The perfect solution when ballet barres cannot be in situ on a permanent basis. The Image R Removable Barre offers the flexibility to remove the barre when not in use.

Constructed using our same high quality beech barre and purpose made socket fixing system, making them quick and easy to install and remove.  Once the barres are removed the sockets sits flush with the backing board.

Portable Ballet BarresPortable Barre

  • Easy assembly
  • Height adjustable
  • 50 cm diameter Beech barre
  • Double barre attachments and barre extension kits available
  • Robust construction

Portable barres are a popular alternative when fixed barres are not option. Our adjustable portable barres are 2 metres in length and comprise a 50 cm diameter beech barre with powder coated steel support legs. They are easy to assemble and height adjustment is completed with the simple turn of a handle. Our portable barres are available as a single or double barre.  Barre extension kits are also available to give you total adaptability.


See the Portable Mirror & Barre page for more information.

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