Here at Glass Installations we aim to please all of our customers, whether that is installing a full run of mirrors and ballet barres bespoke to the size of a room, or coming up with a solution to any problems they may face such as the safe storing of ballet barres in multi-function areas. If you have an idea in mind, maybe even a little off the wall design, we can do it for you!


Steve Platt, our director and creator of our bespoke items along with Project Manager, Chris Jones, has designed a bespoke bracket prototype for a height adjustable ballet barre.  This will enable junior and senior heights without the need for two barres. This design is a great concept as it will allow for multiple heights in different sections around the room too – great for teaching multiple aged classes.


This will also help our customer to lower the barre so it’s not in the way at all when not in use meaning that it is a fantastic addition to an multiple use area. We supply portable ballet barres which can be stored away when not in use, but with this new design it will eliminate the need for a separate storage area.


By us creating a prototype for this we are able to show our customer a physical item, rather than just a drawing, giving the customer the opportunity to visualise our bespoke items in their setting. Also, prototypes are a great way to enable us tweak our designs to get the best out of every product that we design.


If you’ve got anything in mind for your dance studio, please contact us to discuss your thoughts – the team are here to help you!