Just to be the team who drives a thousand miles to install mirrors at your ‘door’ (okay, so we can’t change all the lyrics !)

Whilst we can’t change lyrics, what we can do is install high quality mirrors for you!

We have travelled more than a 1000 miles this week to install mirrors in Exeter and all the way up in Scotland with a few projects in the middle. We have two big projects running along side each other at the moment with hundreds of square meters of mirror involved.

We are installing a bespoke system at the project in Exeter where the client has requested access to behind the mirrors and we are installing our Image 18 system with a split baton method so the client is able to access the the LED light drivers behind the mirrors. This would allow a lift up method to enable them to access the electrics behind as and when they require.

Then up in Scotland we are installing our Image 6 system for our customer. We will upload some photos shortly.

It’s been a really busy start to 2022 for the installation teams.

If you have any mirror or barre requirements, contact us for a quote on 01782 317620.